Poems and Poetry

Eamon Cooke

Poem Beginning with Lines from Eliot | A Poem by Eamon Cooke

Between melting and freezing
The soul’s sap quivers.

At this
The darkest time

I think of ancient lunar engravings
At Knowth, County Meath.

(Looking up they saw in the night sky
Phases of the moon)

I remember meeting Seamus Heaney
At a reading in Dublin

How he inscribed
The title page of his book

“Shine the light”
Sending me home on wings.


Epiphany morning.
A bright day promised.

Twig shadows
On the bedroom wall.

Delayed awhile
In the afternoon

(Small commitments
Mundane tasks)

But managed a walk
Before sunset.

Saw the first snowdrops
Rooks hankering home.