Poems and Poetry

Billy JnoHope

Electric Shepherd | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

Future hack love
in the machine age
We dream of android dreaming
where cyber breath actually hisses

Ego future disconnect
non tactile response
Phantom heart beating
in the matrix soul

Code the dystopian template
suffer the electric shepherd
to be crucified

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Resolution Zero | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

I will shake new leaves
from the mishap tree
The dots will disconnect
from the blood rust
The new light breathes mad flowers
Mad seeds loop the worlds
Chaos feeds everything

I reap from the misaligned
fresh cuts of birth
Zero promises
I will be what I believe
and relativity besets belief
time and zeitgeist pacing
awareness the fate trigger

I poke it with myths
to bag a dragon
I augment that howl
let the poets fall out
the unsolved quickening

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Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

I saw my phantom
murked in a hindsight
Smelled the ghost red
rich and empty
Failed in Brooklyn
hell of a nightmare
Woke up guilty
gunning for my conscience
Skin it before it snitches
murked it for the world to breathe
Whittle my blessings
I deserve the lesser god
Rusted dagger sawed off baptismal
separate the sun
Liberate libra apologist
Saw that bleeding when it flirted red
I could have milked it yellow
but I lusted red

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The Higher Count | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

The world ends too far
We fall shortened
on life’s slippery hue
In coincidental moments
there’s a catch song
There’s rescue music
play till you heal
But you won’t heal in time
You ran out of lyrics
You stumbled out of rhythm
You choked on the high note
Score less than success
equals more reasons to sedate
Draw the curtain
suture the half light
Hubris on your web wall
suffocating spiel
Sociopathic klout measured in duck faces
Painted a help sign
in the middle of your eye
For those who were counted in a fist

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