Poems and Poetry

Angel Edwards

Davie St. Beggerman | A Poem by Angel Edwards

Beggar man sleeps like an
exhausted child
In the doorway of a bar called Heavens Door
The neighborhood people feed him once in a while
He looks a little like Jesus with his reddish beard
Tries to be brave and he will smile
“I’m alright ” he will say if you ask how he is
Sometimes he argues with invisible beings
or maybe its himself
He never changes his clothes
he owns nothing but his rags and a bucket
He turns the bucket upside down
In the daytime perched on the corner
Silently begging
Coins drop at his feet
He will gather them later
when he sees them

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Two Hundred Flowers | A Poem by Angel Edwards

Two hundred flowers
were delivered
Dripping with regret
gifts returned in
screaming temper
Anger difficult to remember
For it brings me laughter
Whenever you are
Difficult to forget

The wars we had
the strategies planned
Trying to make
each other understand
In a whirlwind set of castles and art
We wrote scripts
for each other
Then we
rewrote our part

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