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A World-Sized Love in a Universe of Hate | A Poem by Paul Tristram

That’s just what it can feel like out there sometimes
and that’s exactly when you need to shine brightest.
Don’t stop being nice because bitter people don’t like it,
instead only be nice to the people who appreciate you.
They’re only jealous because the light has left them,
leaving spite and meanness to lord over their souls.
As far as human beings are concerned; they are failures,
beware of their petty, poisonous envy and negativity,
do not feel sympathy or mercy for those losers
and more importantly do not have them around.
They have not quite gone over to ‘The Dark Side’
for that would involve a choice, no, they have slid down
to ‘The Pathetic Side’ the ‘Lower Levels’ (It’s tedious!)
where the weak-willed hide cowardly… rise above them.
Enjoy your depth of character, revel in your sense of honour
and intellect, create a life of common sense and magic.
Be bold, beautiful and brilliant and when life bursts
your bubble… blow another bigger one right back in its face,
I’ll see you on the sunny side of the street… you Winner!

Visit Paul at http://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.

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