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Procession of Regression | A Poem by Paul Tristram

“A lot of people would see this and rightly panic
and advise you to try and avoid this darkness
and treachery which is approaching.
Firstly, you won’t because you always
face everything head on anyway.
Secondly, you can’t, I have already looked
and there is no way around it but through it
but I think you know this, almost as a sixth sense.
I believe you chose this because it’ll wipe the slate clean.
I wouldn’t like to go through it personally
but then again, I am not you am I.
It will change you for the better,
your enemies unwittingly fuel your metamorphosis
in a positive way, they’re unconsciously helping you.
There are bigger things at play here,
it would break most people
yet you will come through it shining and triumphant,
stronger and far wiser than before.
Your sensitivity, compassion and empathy will be reigned
and you will no longer feel lost
for you will know yourself completely through and through.
But you know this anyway, you’re cleverer than you let on,
you flit in and out when you are alone, from this side to the next
and there is a chain of lives behind you,
each as powerful as thunder
and as remarkable as that mischievous twinkle in your eye!”

Visit Paul at http://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.

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