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To Fade in the Rain | A Poem by Ara Leclaire

I drop fragments of my memories onto the earth
Just like the rain that falls and hits the soil.
Somewhere all over this world,
My memories are buried in that soil.

I decided I’ll look for them again,
And that is where I am;
On hills, on meadows, digging and ruining
The pristineness time and nature grew.

Now, where I stand, I smell the rain coming;
The fog around here has thickened,
My lungs damp from breathing deep the dense air.
Again, I breathe, and realize,

Oh damned epiphany;
Time has uplifted these memories from the soil
And scattered them into the watery air around me,
So I decided to stay where I am,

Till the rain comes;
And I’ll let myself soak till my skin wrinkles,
Let the fog envelope me till I can’t breathe,
And I’ll fade- into a memory.

Visit Ara at http://araleclaire.tumblr.com.

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