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Why the Golden Plover Stands | A Poem by Trish Saunders

I came to study the language of trees,
an ancient tongue assumed extinct,
like the Laysan honeycreeper or
shave-ice shacks on
Like-Like Highway, where Aloha Gas now sits.

I came to study koas and palms.
I found an old brick wall with a
golden plover standing motionless
beside it, though he flies
1,600 miles from Alaska without rest.

Like the plover, I came expecting more.

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One thought on “Why the Golden Plover Stands | A Poem by Trish Saunders

  1. Anne Ryan

    Such beautiful and heart wrenching poems Trish. I think the heart of a good poem touches other hearts and yours most certainly do.I have a bias for poems that stand so firmly with the natural world.

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