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The Essence of My Spirit | A Poem by Naduni

Among the people
I met in my long drawn life
Few could read me
Still fewer could love me
You are one of them
Like the smell of a strong coffee
In my working night
A mere, floating thought of you
Boosts up my spirits
The cheer of my pleasure
The tear of my fall
The courage of my aim
The honour of my gain
You stand still like the sun while the planets of my sentiments
Change their course with time
At a mere word sent via the phone
You are all alert, awake and concerned
Whether I am OK, happy, doing well and
Whether I need you…
The sedative pill of my sleepless nights
The energy drink of my working hours
The claret of my pain
The aroma of my indulgence
Till eternity you will follow and
Guide when necessary
Whether I remember to ask you to do so or not
Like the wave that caresses the shore
I am ever so grateful for that eternal care
You bestow on me
Your name is written on the solidest tissue of my heart
So it will remain even after my decay…

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