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Me, My Love and a Cuckoo | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Once in an enchanting spring morning —
my monotonous mind experienced a change,
witnessed a climbing paradise down to my
abandoned garden shouldering a singing cuckoo
along with its botanical platform,
and the blissful flowers – dancing and flying
alternatively to the rhythm of the zoological song
and made me tumultuous too
in dancing and singing a welcome song.

Within a fraction of eye’s blinking
my selfish teenage was expired
and a young lover was born instantly.
Ensnared I was to own the cuckoo for ever
and generous too to gift her a token of love
but she desired to own my garden only.
I was prompt in shutting my eyes
keeping outside all obstructive
hesitation, relations, rules and regulations.
In the name of love,
as I owned the cuckoo, so she owned my garden,
and the queen-less throne of my kingly heart.

Both became blind and bold in love,
could swim in the air to reach to the moon,
collected the luminous stars to gift to each other,
could race on the blue field of ocean,
played hide and seek in the undiscovered islands
and engaged ourselves to uncover
the mysterious wrapper of passionate riddles.
Indeed, the lovely relation of love with passion
makes us unmindful to
the changing nature of seasons and fate.
The sky was happy so far with its cleanliness
and air was so slow to flow in enjoying
the blooming of two hearts in earthly paradise.

Alas! A roaring of thunder in the far sky
made my Cuckoo scared of ensuing rainy season
she made herself free from my girdle
and flew within a moment up to the sky
in quest of another paradise
where spring is immortal and ever-green for lovers —
leaving me alone to wander on the lanes of memory.

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